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Visualize your 3D model

Create beautiful images or an interactive product viewer of your 3d-model. Upload your own 3d-model or try it now with one of our examples!

What is 3D-Product?

3D-Product is a web application where you can upload and modify a 3D-model in real-time and create a downloadable, personalised interactive 3D viewer or as many images as you want, with no previous experience in the area.
3D-Product aims to bridge the gap between CAD environment and your stunning presentations by offering a simple and quick method of applying colors and light to your models, and then either saving rendered images or to create an interactive web viewer that allows you or your client to freely move around your finished model.


Images for print
Interactive 3D for websites
Images for presentations
Interactive 3D for presentations
Images for marketing
Interactive 3D for exhibitions

How does it work?

In the first step when you upload a 3D-model in 3D-Product you can optimize the model structure for optimal performance. When you are done with that you move along to the next step.

Here you can customize the Appearance by controlling surface attributes and light settings. You may also customize the look and feel of the User Interface and choose basic functionality for your interactive project.

When you have arrived at the second step you may at any time download images of your model, as well as your finalized 3D-model viewer.