Features of 3D-Product – a closer look

3D-Product is made for being an easy to use webapplication where you simply upload your own 3D-model and make it visually stand out with easy to use settings, sliders and drag-and-drop. Once you are satisfied with your live preview, you simply download a high resolution image of it, or an interactive web based 3D-model viewer with the features that you choose.

Image creation

3D-Product makes it really easy to import a model, change the material attributes, choose from a number of lighting setting, change the reflective background and more. And then you simply rotate and zoom your object as you would like to have it, and download images in the size and format you would like. For the Pro and Enterprise accounts you can also download it with transparent background and in higher resolutions than in the Basic account.

Interactive 3D-model viewer

The interactive 3D-model viewer let’s you rotate, zoom and pan your 3D-object in a web browser, instead of a static image.

3D-Product uses the Web GL standard which works out of the box in every modern web browser, without the need for additional plugins. It works on computers, smartphones and tablets.

When you are satisfied with the live preview in Borg3D you can download your finished project and host it on your own server. When downloading you will have the options for download it for online or offline use. They are both used with a web browser, but the offline version doesn’t need to be uploaded to a server to be used.