The basic subscription is locked for one individual user. It lets you download as many images and interactive 3D-model viewers as you wish, but is limited to more basic settings. It also lacks the ability to download images with transparent background, and you may not be able to download images at higher resolutions than 1024 x 1024 pixels.

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Soo smooth handling and high quality output – Diana Diehard, CEO Dyers Inc.

The in-house presentation

Your department or you as a creator needs to present your idea of a new product that can be a game changer in your industry. But it is in an early stage and you can’t show it externally or spend to much money on it. Usually these presentations can be made of dull images from the CAD-software. But what if you could stand out and show it as interactive 3D in front of the decision makers and rotate, zoom and explain every part of it without making it static and dull. That could get your product much more interest, and perhaps more funding…